The Secret Life of Sam Elliot You Never Knew About

Published on October 30, 2019

No Solution

The arguments would never be resolved between the two of them. Both men were far too stubborn to listen to the other, and so they butt heads for most of Sam’s young life. Fortunatey, Sam was still a very respectful and kind boy, and he never blamed his father for wanting him to follow a more solid life plan. In reality, his father wasn’t wishing him unhappiness; rather, he wanted him to have a good life. Sam insisted that he was thankful for the work ethic his father instilled in him.


Paving His Way

Saying Goodbye

Sadly, Sam was only eighteen years old when his father died from a heart attack. The event was sudden, and Sam struggled with the fact that the man of the house was truly gone. The young man wasn’t anywhere near stardom, and he felt as though his father probably passed with the mindset that his son wasn’t going to succeed in life. It was a terrible feeling, and he wished that he and his father could have met at some sort of middle ground.


On His Own