The Secret Life of Sam Elliot You Never Knew About

Published on October 30, 2019

Actor Sam Elliot has won the hearts of millions of fans over the years. His dashing good looks, deep voice, and unmistakable mustache have made him a well-known name in Hollywood. Over the years, he’s been the voice and face of a whole slew of projects. While he never reached super-stardom, he still made a huge impact on the industry. But who is this man really? What kind of life has he lived behind closed doors? This is the fascinating tale of Sam Elliot like you’ve never seen him before.


Actor Sam Elliot

Growing Up Sam

Sam Elliot was born in 1944 in Northern California. He wasn’t born into an actor family though; in fact, his father worked in animal control, and his mother worked in the fitness industry. In the minds of his parents, Sam was going to grow up and find a regular job that was close to home. They never could have imagined that their son would want to be anything out of the ortdinary, since those kinds of careers just weren’t promising or stable enough.


Young Sam Elliot