These Oddly-Timed Photos Will Give You Chills

Published on November 19, 2019


This chilling photo captures a team of seven astronauts, all making their way onto the same spacecraft. The shuttle is set to take off into space, and has been called the “Challenger”. The photo was taken only moments before the team said goodbye to life on earth forever. Shockingly, the spacecraft actually broke apart only 73 seconds after it had left the earth’s surface. The aircraft hurtled back to land, and all seven of the members passed in the accident.


One Last Wave

Sideways Ship 

The untamed waves of the ocean make for an interesting trip when you’ve got this much cargo onboard! This picture was captured just as the ship was beginning to tilt a little too far over for the storage containers to handle. In the moments following this tip, only four storage containers ended up in the water. It’s a miracle there weren’t more, but you can imagine that those containers would be extremely difficult to retrieve, if at all!


Tipped Ship