Police Arrest Young Girl After She Finds 700-Year-Old Coin

Published on August 10, 2020

A Secret Treasure

Kate was thrilled when she found her coin. She did not tell her parents about the coin at first. She wanted to keep her treasure a secret just for her. After cleaning the ancient coin, she thought that the coin must be very old, judging by the wear and dirt on it. She would end up being right; the coin that she found is over 700 years old.

Her Own Secret Treasure Her Own Secret Treasure

The Forgotten Treasure

Kate obsessed over her newfound secret treasure. She loved to sit and look at the coin and think about the time it came from. Like most children, Kate was quick to move on to the next thing. She hid her treasure in her dresser drawer and forgot about it for several years. When she did remember that she had the coin, it would change her life for the worse.


Her Treasure Was Left Forgotten Her Treasure Was Left Forgotten