Man Turns Giant Hole Into Something Unbelievable

Published on March 1, 2023


Naturally, Martin wasn’t going with the idea of creating a perfect backyard patio. With a hole this large, the man had to be putting in the most epic swimming pool ever! Or was he? The gigantic hole was a long, rectangle shape, but it seemed ridiculously deep for a swimming pool. This was much to the dismay of the neighborhood kids, who had wanted to take advantage of the new opportunity. It looked like this hole was going to become something far different.


Not a Swimming Pool

Filling the Hole

Once Martin seemed to be satisfied with the gargantuan size of the hole in the ground, he then began to fill the bottom with gravel. This way, the bottom of the hole was going to be levelled out properly. Martin and about 30 other people would have fit into this huge hole, but there was still no telling what it was for! Perhaps if Martin had a big role in the mob, people would have been seriously worried about this project.


A Deep Pit