McDonald’s Is Testing Branches That Are Totally Plastic Free

Published on January 19, 2020

It’s no secret that our planet definitely does not need any more plastic waste. While some cities have banned plastic bags altogether, certain companies are taking some steps that are necessary to cut down on plastic waste. McDonald’s has decided that it’s time for the fast food giant to join in these efforts.

McDonald's Is Testing Plastic Free Options

McDonald’s Is Testing Plastic Free Options

In response to the news that the European Union will be banning single-use plastic in 2021, McDonald’s opened up a branch in Berlin deemed “Better McDonald’s Store.” This was a 10 day experiment that featured burger packaging made out of grass and edible condiment cups. Additionally, the location tested a week with replacing its usual utensils with wooden ones and paper straws.

The company explained its decision in a statement: “The idea wasn’t to make every sustainable packaging change at once. Instead, it was to facilitate an open discussion about what works, what doesn’t, and the challenges with possible solutions between McDonald’s, our customers and various stakeholders. Normally, McDonald’s goes out with perfect solutions. This time we said, ‘We don’t have perfect solutions yet… please help us!'”

The McDonald's Better Store In Germany

The McDonald’s Better Store In Germany

So, did the experiment work? According to the company, the packaging was a big hit, especially the edible waffle cups for sauces and dips. The paper straws and wooden utensils were not generally favored, however.

The next country that is setting its sights on these alternative options is Canada. Let’s see if this trend continues!