Caramel Apple S’mores For A Healthy(Ish) Spin On Two Classics

Published on September 1, 2020

When you think about summertime spent around the campfire, within seconds s’mores come up. The delicious summertime treat is beloved for a good reason. Ooey-gooey marshmallow stuffed between graham crackers and melty chocolate? It really doesn’t get much better…unless you’re talking about a fall time favorite of many, caramel apples.

So why not get the best of both worlds with this delicious dessert fusion: caramel apple s’mores! Whether you’re trying to add some more healthy food to your diet or you just want a new take on old favorites, this is a great one to try out. The best part of all? It is so simple to make.

Summer And Fall Goodness United

Summer And Fall Goodness United


8 marshmallows

2 Granny Smith apples, cored and sliced

Hershey’s chocolate

Caramel topping, warmed

The Best Of Both Worlds

The Best Of Both Worlds


First, begin by toasting your marshmallows. You can do this by carefully holding them on a stick by your stovetop, or if you’re at an actual campfire, you can do it the outdoorsy way by roasting it by the fire.

Next, place a piece of Hershey’s chocolate on an apple slice and top with two toasted marshmallows. Follow this by drizzling as much caramel sauce on top as you’d like. Complete your apple s’more sandwich by placing a second apple slice on top, and squishing all that yummy goodness together.

Repeat to make as many more as you’d like!

That’s really it, it could not get any easier than that. Enjoy your candy apple s’mores with Halloween songs by the campfire…or maybe we’re mixing things up too much at this point.

Caramel Apple S'mores

Caramel Apple S’mores